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  • The over-running, or one-way clutch, or more aptly named sprag, is very susceptible to breakage. The crankshaft and the jackshaft must be parallel at all times. Once a torque design is found out for a joint, an ideal practice is to carry out periodic audits to make sure correct torque is being attained. Feb 01, 2007 · A stock engine has it pretty low. Dec 06, 2016 · The previous chassis dyno numbers were hindered by a slipping torque converter, but the new setup shows great potential with only 9. Obviously, a nut or bolt can have only one (final) torque value. My cam operating torque range is 4900-7900 The car leaves at 5000 foot braking it @ 2000 The lower your initial RPM the higher it flashes. It’s used to create tension in threaded fasteners. It is simply fluid blowing by and flatening the fins in the converter. If choosing a torque converter for use in a street car, you might want to select a torque converter with a stall speed that is below the engine RPM at 70 mph, since this is where your engine will spend a lot of its time. So at times I have received recommendations on getting a tight and loose converter for say the same stall range. Make sure converter can rotate and has end-play. [ edit ] Variations of the TH350 family There is also a TH350C and TH250C version that has a lockup torque converter (TCC). the last car I had had a similar motor hp range, similar converter A “loose” converter will always be more consistent than a “tight” one. vehicle. Performance Torque Converters by FTI Performance - The Best Drag Racers, Mud Racers and Street Enthusiasts are enjoying Unbeatable FTI Performance & Reliability. Used by Manco, American sportworks, Ken-bar, also sold in kit form by Comet Industries. Our most common indicators are designed for hex nuts, but we do offer them for square drive fasteners, or any other strange shape. Dec 19, 2011 · "The one- to five-thou range recommended by RP 618 is a compromise between too loose and too tight," Stangl says. There are 3 methods performed in a torque test sequence: It is loose enough to spool most turbos, in most elevations and climates, while maximizing low end grunt and keeping the torque converter tight enough when the turbo lights and horsepower is being made. This forced us to get Street Racer Lock-Up Torque Converter - 8L90E 2015-2017 Corvette Billet Lock Up Street Racer Torque Converters by FTI Performance - FTI Performance 9. The steering should be tight but not so tight that when you are finished that you have to muscle the wheel. ft. Too tight and the fastener or the fastened part might be damaged or  A torque converter is a type of fluid coupling which transfers rotating power from a prime mover, Some torque converters use multiple stators and/or multiple turbines to provide a wider range of torque multiplication. If torque wrench is not available, follow the procedure below (2). How much power will a Goerend Torque Converter hold? With the proper valve body pressures, we have had our triple disc converters hold 1,400 HP and over 2,000 pounds of torque. Some of you already know that I was replacing my control arms (incorrect part), inner and outer tie rods, strut mount. This is known as a tight or loose converter. LOOSEN – TIGHTEN. 75 in) (1/12 ft/in) = 250 (lb f ft) Example - Required torque for tightening a Metric bolt to proof load The kart weighs around 150 pounds add to this the driver (and passenger weight, if it is a two seater kart). The torque value to loosen the fastener is the approximate torque that was applied to the joint. 5 inch diameter); 17. It is nice and tight when it goes over the pcv end and the manifold end. Hmm, I don't know how a high stall torque converter feels compared to a slipping transmission. Such multiple-element   26 Jun 2019 When it comes to tightening nuts and bolts, the right torque wrenches can there could be the risk of a nut or bolt that is too loose or too tight. 5:1. You can find the recommended torque settings in the vehicle service manual. If it not take the converter of the flex plate and rotate it and recheck. The small sun gear freewheels, and the larger sun gear is held by the overdrive band. Adjust band. Abstract Today's manufacturing operations are very concerned with loose or stripped caps which will clearly affect product freshness, product stability, shelf life and possibly leakage. Our high gear mph went from 120 to 146. The 94, being a much slower and naturally aspirated car, that same converter was actually too "tight" at the track, yet too loose on the street. A typical torque converter will have a torque multiplication ratio in the area of 2. The transmission and torque converter work as a unit to transfer engine combustion energy to the rear wheels. It is a 1995 Jeep Cherokee SE (XJ), 4. Inside this torque converter stator sits the culprit. I have one on the What you are supposed to know about your ZF6HP26, 6HP19, 6HP28 and similar ford Transmissions. 5 divided by 1. This is a direct replacement kit for the for the most popular Comet go-kart torq-converter 30 series. the torque-tension relationship. Nov 04, 2013 · The torque converter is a hydraulic pump that creates pressure in the transmission and sends fluid throughout the system. 12) If your torque converter- to-flex plate fasteners are bolts, thread the bolts into the converter to be certain The head of the bolt should touch the pad when finger tight. 035"). During assembly of the transmission, the technician has difficulty installing the output shaft snap ring (Figure 1), or while checking the input shaft endplay finds that it is too tight or too loose (spec is . Once hand-tight, place the proper sized wrench or socket on the bolt's head and tighten as needed. Oct 27, 2017 · You can’t lug a high-revving, normally-aspirated engine with a tight converter, and a loose converter in a low-RPM, boost-building turbo car will slip excessively, losing performance. Drive chain too tight; Engine idle is set too high; Kart Moves While Engine Is Idling (Torque Converter): Drive belt installed wrong (30 Series only, flat side of belt should be towards the engine) Wrong drive belt installed (a belt that is too short will cause the machine to "creep" at idle) Malfunctioning driver pulley (on crankshaft) What you're asking about is more correctly called a high stall or higher stall converter. 5" Billet Lock Up Street Racer Torque Converters offer Unbeatable Performance & Reliability for the Weekend Warrior. "At zero, we're into preload and we can't measure that. Last4 years now, have a 3600 9. The thread converts the applied Torque into tension in the bolt shank. 108 for example) will tend to start the power band sooner in the RPM range. The Medium and Tight versions are better for drivability on the street. If there is a problem causing it to malfunction then there are some symptoms that your car will exhibit. 4) Mount the converter and torque to 65 ftlbs (no loctite) 5) Mount the dial on the block and check the converter snout, should be less the +- 0. Instructions: Enter the tire information found on the sidewall of your tire. Now a few simple facts: I did not install the torque converter bolts which came loose. Aug 03, 2016 · Torque seal allows a visual reference if over time the bolt has rattled loose. 2) Spark plug wires. The best way to tighten your lawnmower blades is with a torque wrench. Variables in Bottle Cap Torque Testing by Gabor Szakacs Mesa Laboratories I. What is the difference between "initial torque" and "final torque". If it does not turn, disconnect the universal joint and determine if the torque converter or range transmission is locked. His rpm drop is 500-600 rpm so that tells you the converter is not too tight. If I had a stock tight converter and dropped it into gear at 875 rpm it'd drop very low rpm and have a hard time Crankshaft Thrust Bearing Failure - Causes And Remedies For years both transmission and engine rebuilders have struggled at times to determine the cause of crankshaft thrust bearing failure. Nylon or metal inserts inside a nut (sometimes called a “lock nut”) can add extra friction to prevent loosening. Jan 25, 2019 · Press the bolt into the hole and twist clockwise. Over 6,000 Automotive Torque Specs. The main point to remember is that all properly functioning torque converters do indeed multiply torque during initial acceleration. Aug 20, 2018 · Why the HRM chain drive Jack Shaft System is a better option than a belt drive Torque Converter. Install the head bolts and finger-tighten. If it is loose fitting at either end replace it with one piece of fuel line hose. Here's how to test your torque converter: Take the following precautions Check with your car or transmission manufacturer to make sure it's safe to run the test . Excessive torque can cause fasteners to overstretch and break. Accuracy of the torque value improves when applying torque smoothly and slowly. There is just enough space between the transmission/catalytic converter for the bar to go around the key. The perfect converter will allow the engine to accelerate the mass of the vehicle at the fastest rate possible, and that is dependent on the design. Approximately 200-400 RPM lower than a stock converter. The other half is connected to the input shaft of the transmission, known as the “pump”. You will have an 'inching' pedal on the left and a decelerate petal on the right, steering pedals in the middle, of course. When towing or hauling a heavy load, the stock torque converter clutch can slip while They usually don't break loose, but the efficiency of the torque converter  24 Feb 2017 Converter to Flexplate 7/16-20 bolts: 40-50 ft. Mounts on the front and rear of the assembly control the torque of the engine. 75 inch core radius (3. Please call (563) 778-2719 with questions regarding the single disc. Remove the ramp cover nut #703208, lock washer #703245, and washer #703200. They dont feel any different that a regualr stall until you nail it. Other Factors Contributing to Transmission Leaks Apr 03, 2013 · The G model Power Shift can have a torque converter or not have torque converter. the bolts ARE standard face 15mm bolts and are standard thread. If vehicle moves normally after 5 seconds after shifting into gear, no repair is necessary. Great customer service. A transmission engaged in gear can sit still at a stop because the torque converter is allowing it to slip. the transaxle converter clutch . Tight Converter or Low Stall: A tight  If the damper is too loose on the snout of your crankshaft all of your engine's If you purchase another car, engine or transmission, your torque converter can be  14 Mar 2016 Video: How a New Torque Converter Helped the CC Demon Run Low 9s. The indication of a loose bolt shows itself by mismatched stripe lines on the bolt head or nut and mating surface. • Thread in Bosch Spark Plug until hand tight. Search Car Torque Specifications by Engine or Model A torque screwdriver will have adjustable torque settings in increments of 1, 5 or 10 inch-pounds with a range between 5 and 150 inch-pounds. This is a really bad misconception that refuses to go away. Transmission - 6500rpm stall converter tooo loose? - the motor is a 706 CI big block Chevy. How does one specify a tight or loose? For example: Can I get a tight 3000-3800 TC and a loose 3000-3800 TC? What makes a TC loose vs tight? If your camshaft has an operating range of 1,500 through 6,500, you would select a torque with a minimum of 2,000 rpm stall. The transmission transfers this energy through a series of graduated gears that start with lower gears and end up with higher gear ratios. to digital converter, the removal torque readout. Although not as common as other stalling conditions, it is a possibility. 00 Select options; 700R4 TORQUE CONVERTER MegaRaptor-2 700R4 EARLY 4L60E 200-4R 10 1/2 Inch Billet Converter $ 795. 3 V-6! 19 Oct 2017 You'll often hear people talk about how loose or tight a converter is based on its stall speed, which is dictated by the angles of the blades on the  6 Dec 2016 We experiment with a new TCI torque converter and transmission on a boosted couldn't hold the power at high rpm where it needed to be much tighter. For the street I like a converter that stalls (on the foot brake) around 2500 rpm and flashes to 4000 or so (peak Tq) when in high gear at stall speed and the pedal is mashed. the hex face is in case u strip the edges off the bolt. pick the correct torque converter, start with the class you want to race or the flow and the converter is too loose and too much flow and it is too tight. The converter also multiplies the torque at low speed or during periods of high engine load. Almost sounds like rod knock, but I just put the engine in and its been doing it since i first started it up. more or less than our 690-horsepower boosted combination, a loose  The evolution and development of the torque converter has made the automatic The pump-or driving member-of the converter consists of many curved steel blades, or "Loose" enough to come out of the corners strong, yet "tight" enough to  27 Oct 2017 The right torque converter can make or break your car's performance a tight converter, and a loose converter in a low-RPM, boost-building  17 Jan 2017 050” and larger), and/or camshaft profiles with a tight lobe separation angle ( generally 107 degrees and tighter). The stuff will actually protect the threads from corrosion but will hold the fastener even if the self-locking nuts you re-used (I assume you didn’t buy all-new nuts and bolts) aren’t quite up to snuff. This converter should go in trucks that tow and work hard. Torque Wrench Use and Care Tips SOURCE: 2002 Sunfire TCC Solenoid replacement hi. lbs. They are commonly found on go karts, ATV's, mini-bikes, and snowmobiles. The RPM location of the peak power will remain about the same as long as the duration at . Rear Band Mis-adjusted. when i went to pick it up the service department was closed so i didnt get to ask any questions. The converter needs to be loose enough to get it to that point but needs to tighten up really quickly after that to keep the top end slip in check. which is called the vehicle speed The torque wrench measures the torque or twist applied at the pivot point or where you would normally put on a socket which is centered on the pivot point. At full throttle, the brakes won't hold beyond 2300, so the actual stall is unknown. Tighten gradually and in sequence, working up to 44 ft. The 10" "S-800" Series Converters are available in three versions: Loose, Medium and Tight. If there is The torque converter is designed so the fluid flows from the impeller to the turbine then back to the impeller through the stator. 00 Oct 15, 2012 · the way to remove it is through the starter port, remove the starter to view the bolts (i assume u have already done so). I will jack it up and look under it this weekend. The torque Jun 22, 2018 · We will try to keep this short because high stall torque converters is a pretty involved subject. 050" on the intake lobe remains the same (curve "D" vs. If you have to use a lug wrench, do this as a temporary measure (i. 400 rpms as he told me. Re: how to calculate PSI to Nm for torque 12/07/2008 12:30 PM Although I've been rightfully humbled to realize that the fugacious guest may not have been writing of things bolted when he fleetingly came upon the site, I've been able to work it out so that the spreadsheet which I wrote of can now be available. A tight converter indicates improper engagement, distorted flexplate or binding pilot hub. Sometimes, faulty needle bearings or cracks in the torque converter's body can cause leaks that are difficult to diagnose and expensive to repair. 75 is 10:1 ratio. Oct 19, 2017 · You’ll often hear people talk about how loose or tight a converter is based on its stall speed, which is dictated by the angles of the blades on the torque converter’s pump. Why? We are the only Loose lug nut indicators that are Made in the USA! Torque-Tight offers you a superior product that is available in virtually any size. A separate reverse gear allows for reverse travel. Jan 26, 2012 · The transmission torque converter seal can be damaged as the converter overheats. A torque-limiting clutch is built in, so that the screwdriver will disengage when the preset torque has been reached. I figured there are only a few gaskets involved, so I bought those gaskets from the local Chevy dealer. Small block engines featuring  Such a converter is said to be relatively “tight”. 02. I changed converters and it has lost 6 mph and a lot of et. My B&M TorqueMaster 2400 converter mentioned above, was a loose 12". If you know ahead of time that you will exceed the 400 pounds then buy a torque converter go-kart and avoid the problems of burning up the clutch asking it to do more than it was designed for. The torque angle method can be accurate – but only if each individual application has been previously calibrated by direct measurement of bolt stretch. Apr 10, 2013 · A torque converter is designed to transfer the torque produced by the engine, and convert that into usable power to be applied to the ground through the transmission, rear-end gears, and ultimately the tires. 68RFE Torque Converter 3 Clutch Billet with Damper and Billet Steel Stator Upgrade Number 68S. 2) (20000 lb) (0. That's pretty much it. More torque converter related questions; what does it mean if a converter is "loose" or "tight", and is that different than stall speed? My apologies, white, if I am hijacking. Simply put, it's the maximum RPM it allows the engine to reach without transmitting any power/ rotation into the tr The torque converter is a sealed unit, and as such must be serviced or replaced as a unit. When you tighten a bolt in a bolted joint, you use a twisting force, called torque. 23 car will also put more load on the converter since it's not moving the mass as easily as the 4. Replace fluid and filter. Re: What does tight or loose converter mean? I have a 10" custom built convertor that flashes to 3600 but is tighter at cruising speeds than my old B&M 2400 Holeshot that flashed to 3000 To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 0 or greater. At 1st It was making A Strange Metallic Sound But No Belts Or Anything Were turning And Now With The New Starter The Car just Wont Start But Everything Lights Up And Is getting power. The unit is encased in a shell made of two halves that are welded together. car doesn't lean through turns on tight back roads, giving less sensation as to when the tires will break loose. A loose converter is easier to launch and get a good 60' time but after about 200 feet into the run you are wasting a lot of power. Aug 22, 2013 · 2200 stall for a car that fast seems very tight. A torque converter is merely a reaction to one of two things; a force applied (being the engine) or a resistance (being the car). Direct Drive means no torque converter. 5-inch lock-up torque converter in 1992. The trans is a Powerglide. 005" to . With a torque wrench set and the manufacturer’s torque value in hand, the problem is solved: A “clicker” torque wrench makes an audible click when you’ve reached the set torque, and with a “beam”-style wrench, you just watch the scale and stop at the right number. It is loose enough to spool most turbos, in most elevations and climates, while maximizing low end grunt and keeping the torque converter tight enough when the turbo lights and horsepower is being made. I think most people would recommend a 5600 rpm stall converter. Torque is measured in applied force multiplied times the length of the lever arm. Also if you have a big cam the engine naturally idles rougher and higher rpm's so you need a loose converter to cushion things going into gear. When we place the transmission in a forward gear, torque causes the powertrain to rotate. I am having a big issue with my dragster not the mph and et. Most of the time, a belt that is too tight can be attributed to a motor that is out of alignment. Align any dowel pins or other locators. Again working tight fit indicates burrs or debris in the crankshaft   31 Aug 2010 A controllable hydrodynamic torque converter is provided for use within a or conventional torque converter consists of an engine-driven pump or Accordingly, loose and tight torque converters are each optimal under  One of the biggest bangs for the buck you can buy is a stall converter. Jun 16, 2008 · While normally that's a good thing, it's an unnatural feeling when a 4420-lb. Hello, What is the difference between a loose converter and a tight converter. Must be a line loose or something. The bolt should turn easily. * • Replace spark plug wires or coil boots if equipped. If your connection requires more force than the values suggested in Table 1, inspect the connection for marred, dirty, or worn sealing surfaces, dam-aged threads, or compromised wash-ers. Step 2 After transmission and converter are bolted together check converter for freedom of movement. That can seem like a bad converter but when you take into account the rpm drop, it rules the converter out. 23 Jan 2008 A loose fit would indicate a missing sleeve or ring. Replace pump house. Converter manufacturers have been increasing the strength of the sprag, but there is a question as to whether or not the part does anything inside the converter. Bosch recommends when installing spark plugs to use a Let’s take a look at a common 4L60/65/70-E scenario. All A properly working torque converter is something your car’s transmission needs to function. that reduces the slippage loss in the converter. T dry = (0. If longer, inspect pump bushing for wear. Threadlocking adhesives are highly reliable, low-cost materials that improve torque control, reduce galling and provide lubricity to achieve controlled torque during assembly. Sep 16, 2016 · Tighten the exhaust clamps fully with a torque wrench. 5 & 10. However after replacing your hub I did indeed put new converter bolts in the box when returned to the Stalls vary also by a tight and loose stall. Mar 20, 2010 · Bad idea. Measure the residual torque by the breakaway method implies a possible over tightening of the joint under test (even if, in general, the residual torque is less than the tightening torque, so it is likely that the test of residual torque does not exceed the nominal value). The cam I have is pretty lumpy and idles at 875 in neutral. The recommended seating torques for Unbrako headed socket screws are based on inducing preloads reasonably expected in practice for each type. A loose converter will require more rpm to get the car moving but the most noticeable thing about a loose converter is very little rpm drop (200-400 rpm) on the gear change and a lot of slip % at the finish line. torque converter with lockup clutch and torsional damper breather main-pressure tap note: inch series threads left-rear view left-front view v07401. It's why a worn or faulty pump makes a whining noise in all gears, including park and neutral. torque converter damage. A shitty shelf converter is a bad thing power wise. tight, how do you loosen the one that you have? Is there some sort of adjusting screw in there, or do you have to have it cut open and adjustments made? I have a 10” 3500RPM stall torque converter, but might like to loosen it so the stall is closer to 4000RPM. 1500 rpm drop on the shift is a bit too tight , so you are correct about raising the stall but i would be cautious about raising it too much , because if you are bracket racing you may loose some consistancy if the car launches too hard , but if you do some heads up racing then 5800-6100 would be ok and when you bracket race you could use an msd digital box to pull timing out on the launch and You can diagnose problems with your torque converters on many older transmissions by conducting a stall-speed test. This converter should go in trucks that TOW and WORK HARD. Remove the torque converter pulley assembly from the engine using puller #101050 from the tool kit. Insufficient torque can cause a screw or bolt to loosen from vibrations. Get a good one the first time. So, In most instances, all of the facts concerning the situation; are not revealed at the onset of the crankshaft thrust bearing failure. (310-674-1072), and was designed to match the low-rpm, high torque 455 engine in the 3900-lb. The standard unit is built Loose for best ET for the dollar. 3) Marking Test - Once the fastener tightened, mark clearly the surface of the fastener, nut or bolt and continuing the mark onto the surface being clamped for reference. 5 inch roll radius (35 inch diameter) and unwind down to a 1. Jan 25, 2012 · This is the sound a jeep with automatic transmission makes when the flexplate to torque converter bolts are loose. Once I realized that you were not, I simply stated that you could return it for a refund which after a year most converter manufacturers would not do. Using a torque wrench and suitable spark plug socket, tighten the spark plug to the manufacturers recommended torque. For bracket and index racing, Hughes Performance typically builds converters to flash approximately 200-400 rpm higher than where the engine’s peak torque occurs. This is what turned out to be my major problem. When the nut and bolt are tightened the two plates are clamped together. curve "E") Advancing and Retarding the Camshaft Advancing the camshaft, (a lower intake lobe center line number, 104 vs. At the stripe it is 700 rpm difference. 0L I6 High Output, automatic transmission The custom converter in my '71 LeMans wagon was built my Continental Torque Converters Inc. MAX. This flow produces a maximum torque increase of 2:1 when the turbine is stalled. : changing a flat on the side of the road). At the point the fastener breaks loose, the torque reading is recorded. Torque is related to bolt tightness, but many additional factors – such as friction – combined into a single “nut factor” can have a significant impact on the relationship of torque to the tightness of the bolted joint. A torque screwdriver is used in a straightforward motion by twisting the handle. Mower blades must be securely fastened to the mower shaft. If you want to utilize the power of this cam, a 3,000 is a good one. Control linkage broken, loose or incorrectly adjusted. If there is an internal pressure problem in the transmission, the torque converter may lock up and cause your vehicle to stall at an idle. Stalling is when the torque converter locks up during a load. The torque required for a 3/4" dry steel bolt to achieve this tension can be calculated as. To shim the converter to “full loose” move the extra shims (3 maximum) To shim the converter “full tight” move all extra shims to the area between the turbine and drive cover. For instance, the engine oil drain plug on my R1200RT has an "initial torque" of 23 NM, and a "final torque" of 32 NM. If this is not present the torque converter drive pulley assembly must be partially disassembled and the cause of the loose cover remedied. Torque wrenches have a gauge showing how many foot pounds of pressure you use to tighten the securing nut. Too tight and the fastener or the fastened part might be damaged or  Muchos ejemplos de oraciones traducidas contienen “torque converter” – Diccionario español-inglés y buscador de traducciones en español. If not fixed, a belt that is too tight may lead to a rapid belt wear and may even damage the torque converter itself. There are four main parts to a converter – the turbine, the pump, the stator, and the front cover. However, it is possible. From the Novak site: [] Pilot Bushin"In most cases, this is a porous bronze, pre-flexplate bushing rather than an actual bearing, as it is often called. Restrictions: Don't try and reduce a go kart speed by limiting the travel of the gas pedal or by putting a restrictor in the carburetor to limit full rpm. Replace any damaged or worn components. 18 Nov 2016 I have seen on occasion the torque converter bolts get loose and cause a… it's a good idea to check the torque converter bolts to see if they're tight. To 30 ft. Jul 17, 2017 · Loose lawnmower blades are unsafe and cause damage to your mower. The torque converter also serves another extremely important function in a car. 21 Dec 2009 Capacities range from 80 for a very tight converter up to 400 or higher for very high stall (loose) converters. They are the factory originals (289) and I've noticed from time to time they seem to be rather noisy. [/QUOTE] Just basing off what a guy on here told me once that is all. I’m looking at one of your Top End Kits, what stall speed torque converter is recommended? Edelbrock top end kits that are rated under 400hp can use the factory stall speed torque converter. For the drag truck with juice we selected a tight stall (relativity speaking) that brakes 5500 and flashes just under 6000 RPM. Once the transmission is in position against the engine, install the bellhousing bolts and torque to 35 lb. 002 in. Once the snout run out is good mark the converter and flex plate with a sharpie. All torque converters have a stall speed. 10 gear, and if the converter is too loose (higher stalling), it will slip excessively in Loosening up your go kart torque converter belt might be necessary if you experience kart movement when the engine is running at idle. So just for the heck of it I wiggled them by hand to see how tight they were. The crowsfoot => is about a 2 inch extension on the other side of the pivot point, so it torque reading on the wrench is not the same as applied to the nut or bolt. Precision Industries starts the production of these torque converters with a 98 pound piece of billet steel that we machine in our CNC equipment ending up with a one piece front cover weighing 12 pounds depending on what converter series we are building. Sep 06, 2019 · The torque converter will slide onto the input shaft three times, each time seating further into the bellhousing followed by a "clunk. reducing emissions. By using an impact or air tool, you may cause the bolts to be secured higher than the So checking it with the torque wrench and bringing it back up to spec just made sense. uses a solenoid -operated valve located in the automatic transaxle to mechanically couple the engine flywheel to the output shaft of the transmission through the torque converter. However, if you use Loctite, do you need to do the same? I ask because Loctite is not a slick, greasy lubricant like anti-seize is. Converter must be free to move a minimum of 1/8", but not more than 3/16". Step 5: After adjusting the screw. transmission failure. how does ats hold up? There is a real loud knocking sound coming from what sounds like the torque converter or flywheel area. Don't tighten the hex too tight or it may cause damage to the steering box. But get ready to pay big bucks. the way i do it is to open the view port on the bottom of the tranny, its a ~3" hole and rotate the flywheel with a flat head screwdriver until u see How much rpm vs driveshaft rpm should you have at the stripe. What a Converter Does Simply put, a torque converter is a hydraulic coupler between the engine and the transmission. The objective of PTC is to design and build a quality torque converter that will fully meet the needs of the Street/Strip and Race converter enthusiast. At the 1-2 shift the difference is 3800 rpm difference. Toyota 4. 00 Select options; 700R4 Torque Converter Number 2 700R4 EARLY 4L60E 200-4R Super Street Raptor Converter 1200 to 2800 Stall Speeds hand-tight connections. At the valve body, converter internal pressure is controlled by the converter release regulator valve (WK-V), and the bypass clutch control valve (WD-V) acts as the switch. The torque converter housing is mechanically attached to the engine's crankshaft causing the pump to operate whenever the engine is running. As the boost increases so does the stall. The HRM Coleman CT200 Performance Jack Shaft system has proven to be a much more durable drive system than using a 20-30 series TC unit. STEP 16. No, you are not paranoid. Selecting the right torque converter for your automatic transmission can make all the difference in how your drag race or street/strip vehicle performs. Overview. Lets say a loose 4000 and a tight 4000, what will they do? Thanks Why would my tranny be dumping oil when driven hard. Inspect it 100%. Its not coming from the little vent hole on the top of the trans case. Remove transmission and correct problem. (60 Nm). So the stall is constantly variable depending upon input torque. It looks like behind the torque converter. Fluid will leak out and the converter will stop working. Mar 23, 2016 · Once at operating temperature, WK oil leaves the converter and returns to the valve body. Tip: Many certified mechanics will always finish tightening important nuts that are attached to studs with a torque wrench. Apr 11, 2019 · The humble torque converter is little more than a fluid coupling, a hydromechanical connection where we enlist fluid to do our work via an impeller, stator, and turbine whirling around inside a shell. 4. At this point the torque converter should turn freely. May 29, 2017 · How do you tighten wheel lug nuts without torque wrench? Try not to. Its a steady knocking sounds and is pretty loud. A related idea is to fit a spring inside the nut, which firmly grasps the bolt threads and is designed to move in the opposite direction of the nut if vibration or other forces cause it to unwind. If you do employ the torque angle method, it's best to begin calibrating rotation from some small measured torque rather than the first point of contact with the work face. On the inside of the torque converter there is also the “stator”, which is essentially the brain of the torque converter, as it changes the directional flow and redirects the force of the fluid as it moves through the torque converter, which ultimately results in a more efficient transfer of torque Feb 01, 2002 · The 3. The required bolt clamping force for a joint is 20000 lbs. The values for Unbrako metric fasteners are calculated Re: torque converter vs. 26 Sep 2017 When it comes to choosing a torque converter many factors come into play when At least I love my Holley 600 double pumper on my 4. rpms go way up then it shifts. I understand you have a twin screw and want to take advantage of the low end torque but I really would think you can take advantage of something much looser to get you into your horsepower powerband. Available in different strengths for different applications, threadlockers will hold critical clamp load pressures even in the most severe environments. The inching pedal is for making small deliberate moves, and to stop the dozer if you get up against The following page was inspired by an original Hotrodders forum thread by jakeshoe, titled TH350 Rebuild Tech. . 2 Apr 2019 Too loose and the fastener might back off, causing an obvious issue. A torque converter is a type of fluid coupling which transfers rotating power from a prime mover, Some torque converters use multiple stators and/or multiple turbines to provide a wider range of torque multiplication. That and the idea that a "good" and durable converter that will hold up to round after round without maintenance can cost $6000, maybe a clutch is less of a problem "at the track". Precision Industries designed the first 9. Check the converter as soon as the transmission is bolted to the block. For example, if you start with a 17. Went to a good home with a chipped diesel. Feb 18, 2009 · Converter slippage is torque and hp not going to the tires. Valve Body Filter Plugged. While I think that I have a pretty good grasp of the loose vs. This converter works well with: Best Torque Converter For Go Kart. Torque converter performance isn’t just about stall speed; it’s also about how firm a converter hooks up when it does stall. When enough torque is developed by the engine and the converter, the turbine begins to rotate and turns the transmission input shaft. Had a Hughes converter in the 4L80 for about a week, way too tight. SS $ 1589. He said he was seeing 5psi at 1800rpm. low or high stall torque converter for towing Now that I got things squared away on my engine and it's running great I'm wanting to do some upgrades to the transmission and drivetrain. Torque converter won't effect that, and im pretty sure the v8 converter would give you more stall than a v6 converter, that is if there even is a difference in stall. I was pretty surprised how tight it was. concerned with loose or stripped caps which will clearly affect and manually checking how tight the cap felt. Think of a converter as a dimmer switch in a turbocharged application and an on/off switch in a N/A application. Do you think I should remove the  2 Apr 2019 Too loose and the fastener might back off, causing an obvious issue. Not sure how to post the graph from the racepak. Welcome to Performance Torque Converters! Please contact us at 256-383-6868 for questions or available options. Torque Multipliers are especially useful breaking loose stubborn or frozen bolts, and are widely used for a 10% verification of bolted joints. You can have a loose 3,000 stall or a tight 3,000 stall. If you run with a torque converter that locks up before your engine gets up into its torque peak, it feels pretty sluggish. Works well, no plates, but it locks upa little loose for street use, goes the same short times as the B&M did. It makes maximum horsepower at 7000 rpm and maximum torque at 5600rpm. Loose converter does not mean it has to be a slipping converter on the big end. Drive Clutch Engagement Range: MIN: 1200 RPM -- MAX: 3100 RPM Aug 30, 2010 · Torque multiplier allows reducing the lever length or operation effort by a factor of 5, 25, or 125. For instance, if you have a car that has a 2,500 RPM stall converter, and then you hold both gas and brake at the same time, like you were going to power brake, then general RPM that the tires will break loose at is going to be 2,500 RPM. general rule of thumb is a race car needs about 1500 to 2000 RPM to get down the track so if your converter flash is at 5000 and you shift at 7000 that part works out but, with the motor only falling back to 6400 that sounds a little loose . The low gear is ideal for when you're going up hills or driving slowly, and the high gear lets you achieve top speed. The technician tears the unit back down to inspect for an (assumed Transmission pumps are driven directly from the engine through the torque converter. The purpose of a 'high stall” or “ loose” torque converter is to allow the engine to “flash” up to an RPM where it  2 Feb 2015 The stall is not the point at which the tires break loose, but when the engine cannot rev any higher. 6 SOHC VTEC. Bottom line is, you're simply checking torque critical bolts with the torque wrench to make sure they are still in spec. 24 Aug 2013 (Click here to edit this page anonymously, or register a username to be credited for Converter stall speed needs mostly center on your camshaft, heads, but I watched a 4000 rpm stall converter drive tighter than my 2400 stall. Nov 12, 2010 · Outlaw turbo drag cars are the most difficult application to build a converter for because you need them loose on the bottom end of the track and tight on the top end. At least 150 passes on it now, some 10k miles. Can someone give me an example of how/when you use these two values. In both cases the torque is pounds times inches -- 60 inch-pounds. Aug 04, 2012 · Background: After I had my car for about 20 years it started leaking transmission fluid from the hole in the torque converter cover. Example - Required torque for tightening a Imperial bolt. interesting, my truck 07 5. Mine is an example of that. Stall means speed and converter means to control that speed. At some point he was using a blue paste called Loctite. Apr 01, 2005 · I'm putting on a new set of valve covers and thought I'd check the torque on the rocker arms. Failures of the welds in the outer or inner joint will cause a fluid leak. It is a recommend practice too contact the lubricant manufacturer for K-value information if a lubricant will be used. 9 with 112k was making a clanking sound a couple weeks ago, dealership said i had two loose torque converter bolts. Mar 11, 2018 · Hi there! I was watching a video from this channel called ChrisFix on Youtube where the guy was replacing a wheel hub. Car Just Wont Start. Jan 27, 2017 · The torque converter stall, this is a term that is common, however, it is also common for it to be misunderstood. 612 percent converter slip. Carefully install the cylinder head to the block. When I was trying to replace the inner tie rod, I had to remove the outer tie rod first in order to Torque converter stall speed is the maximum amount of engine RPM that can be achieved in an automatic transmission-equipped vehicle while the transmission is in a forward operating range without generating any driveshaft motion. Engine torque causes the lighter engine to lift more. IMPORTANT! The Torque Converter DRIVE UNIT MUST NOT FLOAT on the engine crankshaft. A 3/4 turn will roughly take out 2 inches of slop. The torque converter harnesses the engine's power so it would make sense that the more power you make, the tighter the converter needs to be and the less power, the looser. The RS-232 and Analog converter can also be used to switch off a remote control or even a complete pump or (electric) torque tool. You should only adjust the screw about a 1/4 turn at a time. It's easier and faster than checking with an allen wrench, finding a loose one and having to switch to the torque wrench to get it right. The main transmission torque converter clutch failure occurs when the different elements of the clutch become permanently fixed or locked together. You can buy tubes of torque stripe in a wide selection of colors for only a few dollars. but check the vss first. It applies to all BMW, Jaguar, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Maserati, Audi and others with ZF 6HP26, 6HP19, 6HP28 In this post i will be explaining why you have transmission issues like: -harsh shift 2-1 -not able to shift into park when hot -weak torque feeling -gear speed ratio faults -other faults All It was on there pretty tight. It changes mechanical torque (engine torque) into hydraulic pressure before sending it back to the transmission. If the converter is locked or very close to the flexplate, remove the transmission and check for proper installation of the converter. Stability A torque converter is a more expensive system initially but it will last longer and is more trouble free when maintained. NOTE: The torque recommendations for gasketed connections shown are for elastomeric materials cause I have a '94 that fits the profile The epitome of idiocy PO 1 tooth off on T-belt installation, tensioner messed up, bolts all but one lost out of the torque converter flex plate loose with no spacer on the crankshaft (I bought it as a blown engine car had it running great a week later) Keeping the nominal tightening torque value, modal analysis has also been performed for each mounting step of the plate sub-assembly: first assembling only the upper part on the lower part of the plate, then adding the bearing caps, then adding the bearing positioners and tightening their screws with a nominal torque of 5 Nm and finally including also the bearing external race. Torque converter manufacturers like B&M, TCI Automotive, and Performance Automatic employ techniques that make torque converters more efficient with less slippage. e. So while you're in there, check the flex plate for cracks or damage, you  lockup torque converter the TCC will not operate and the a screwdriver to pry the pan loose. Mar 06, 2009 · The big difference between an N/A or Nitrous car and a turbo car is that with the turbo once it starts to spool the torque shoots up very quickly, almost like if you were spraying while on the brake. Recommended Torque for bolt: 24 ft. I'm also going to install 4. It is simply wet, WHAT IS TORQUE? Torque is the application of force acting at a radial distance and tending to cause rotation; this is also called torque loading. Jan 11, 2016 · Torque Converter Drain Back (Oil drains from torque converter into transmission sump). im also looking for rebuild options. Continental make great tight 3,000 stalls. Usually, they suspend the engine and transmission weight from a mount on each side. really isnt that noticeable anyways so you could say there close to the same. but now i can feel the trans slipping. I understand that if you use anti-seize or some kind of lubricant, you need to reduce the recommended torque values for a bolt by about 20%. Bolt Tightening 2 Bolt Tightening 2-1 Various Tightening Methods Various tightening methods 34 2-2 Screw and Torque Relation formula between screw and torque 35 2-3 Torque Coefficient (1) Formula of torque coefficient 36 (2) The torque coefficient is not stable 36 (3) Even when the torque is stable, axial tension may vary 36 Prevailing torque nuts. tcc. Remember the equation of torque = tension x radius is linear, so torque must be decreased (for unwinds) and increased (for rewinds) at a linear rate relative to roll radius. Such multiple-element   12 Apr 2008 All four torque converter nuts were tight, and I can see and feel the flywheel, but can't see or feel any cracks. A cat converter works best when the car is driven mildly and for long distances. Oct 05, 2009 · Just Installed New Automatic Transmission And Starter In 1994 Honda Civic 1. Take this right off the engine. 5" Edge in it. " [3] X Research source First, hold the torque converter horizontally and face down (bolt holes facing towards the ground) so that the fluid will not drain back out. The Person that Helped Me Has More Mechanical Experience Than I And Feels That The Starter Is Not That converter was perfect for my blown 86 due to 200+ lb/ft of extra torque that allowed me to make full use of the torque multiplication that the "looser" stall speed gave me. I was pretty sure the torque converter was going out in the original TH200 that was in my Skylark, but I suspected it because it was really tight and no matter how low the engine RPM the car would torque over when I kicked it into gear. The complete serial communication protocol will be provided, which also enables users to use their own software and adjust settings via their computer or PLC. In this transmission, when overdrive is engaged, a shaft that is attached to the housing of the torque converter (which is bolted to the flywheel of the engine) is connected by clutch to the planet carrier. I got it off from underneath with an 8mm Allen key and a length of 1/2 inch cheater bar. You achieve the same torque applying a 10 pound force to the end of a 6-inch lever as you do applying a 5 pound force to the end of a 12-inch lever. For example a tire that is marked 205/65 R16 has a tread width of 205, a profile of 65, and a wheel size of 16". The converter must be free to move at least 1/8" to no more than 3/16" to contact the flexplate. Typically a catalytic converter will last between 90,000 and 140,000 miles but they can loose their efficiency sooner if the car is driven aggressively. 30 Series Torque Converter 3 pc Kit. If you know what grind of cam you have, a lot of cam manufacturers will have some info to help you decide what torque converter to use with it. You can enter the stall RPM, and  29 Apr 2004 However, it is specifically designed to for use with a torque converter that has a (A "tighter" or lowered stall converter will provide a much greater coupling But how can you get that tight converter loose enough to let your  These started showing up in the late 1970s, as ever-tightening emissions Obtaining a new or rebuilt torque converter is highly recommended for all rebuilt transmissions. 10 gears to help out with towing my 5th wheel. A few applications still use an actual bearing and others use a needle roller type bearing, but by far, the most common type is bronze. Your thread title looked like a place where someone would know the answers. It means that the converter is going to keep the engine speed at a certain speed and will not let the engine go any faster than that. A very loose converter may improve 60-ft and eighth-mile times for a  Buy B&M 20412 Holeshot 2400 Torque Converter: Transmissions & Parts and it requires a small (10-3/4") bolt circle flexplate or dual pattern flexplate. He has some sort of issue with the car not making torque at low rpm. A torque converter is a simple automatic transmission that has a low and high gear. When discussing your torque converter with NCRC, or with other racers, it is  Our transmission troubleshooting guide can help or give us a call at 800-872- 3392 for further Check to be certain the track is not too tight. Here, you will get a brief idea of what a torque converter is and some of the most common ways to tell if yours is going bad. A tight converter will lock up a little sooner for a street-able Flare A loose converter you will have to use higher RPM's to move the car around and better for use of a trans brake. As the angle of those blades are manipulated, it will have a dramatic effect on how the converter behaves when power is applied by the engine. Measuring bolt load accurately RS-232 and Analog converter With a converter, if there is a problem, you pull the trans, remove the converter and put in the spare converter, If you have one. Fluid exiting the converter is controlled by a lubrication control valve (SCHM-V). Oct 27, 2010 · Today while riding my engine sounded different than usual. After achieving final torque, use a torque angle meter to turn the bolts an additional 90 degrees ( 1 / 4 turn). After taking the transmission out of the car and getting it on the workbench, I opened the shop manual. If converter has no end-play, converter was installed improperly. When I stopped, I took a look and saw that two of the exhaust header bolts (one on each cylinder) had vibrated themselves loose about a half inch. When applicable, use a torque wrench and turn the bolt clockwise until it reaches the manufacturers recommended torque limit. There is not a "stall rating" rating on a diesel converter. 7L-285ci-V8 Engine Torque Specs. Top end kit that produce more than 400hp, a 2,500 stall speed torque converter is recommended. All "stall" means is if you mash the brake and gas at the same time, (or get on the trans to rev up to "about" the stall RPM it's rated at before it breaks the tires loose. This condi-tion must be corrected before going any 1) The pcv valve hose and end couplings. It must be bolted tight against the crankshaft shoulder. Properly torque the fasteners to the manufacturer’s spec AND add a little blue Loctite to every fastener. loose vs tight torque converter

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